Hobble belt

$ 75.00

the hobble belt 

is a Classic cowboy belt design.

I did not invent it , a cowboy could wear it as a waist belt , then when needed  use it to hobble a horse  to keep it from wandering to far .

It can also be used to restrain a person 



This belt is made with 1.5 inch wide  black pvc coated polyester webbing  . It has a sturdy chrome plated steel roller buckle closure , that is secured with threaded post (Chicago screws)to allow you to easily change belt buckles.

*the hobble  belt is not made from animal products. so it is a great choice for vegetarians and vegans .

*The hobble belt will not absorb water or sweat and is easy to clean.

*the hobble  belt is light weight, strong and ,comfortable 

*the hobble  belt has a Matt finish light leather texture embossed surface, that looks and feels like leather .

*the hobble  belt is hand made one at a time in Pueblo Colorado .



a tailors tape measure is best, or use a non stretch ribbon or cord .

put the tape through your pant belt loops, where you like your belt to sit  that is your belt size .

every hobble  belt has 7 holes spaced 3/4  inches apart 

with the center hole being your belt size .

I would suggest going up a size if you are in between 

you can always add extra holes later  but if the belt is to short, there is nothing that can be done .

if you normally tuck in your shirt , or have a weapon tucked in your waist band  include that when selecting a size 

in addition to the usual 7 holes of adjustment 

the hobble belt has holes spaced 3/4 inches apart the entire length of the belt 

making it more versatile for securing stuff